The West Virginia Family Planning Program is here to help. The Women’s Health Clinic at Roane County Family Health Care can help you have control when pregnancy happens, which means having children when you are ready. Until you are ready, our Family Planning Program can help you make wise choices. Our clinic provides several methods of contraception (birth control), medical exams, pregnancy testing, abstinence information, health education/counseling and basic pre-conceptual counseling for couples who are ready to have children.

Our clinic may ask you to share your medical history and financial information. Some services are free for those who qualify; others may require a small co-pay based on family size and income. There is no co-pay or financial obligation for those who are under age 18.

Generally, a physical exam is required when someone wants to start taking hormonal contraceptives. Our health care provider will provide counseling on health risks associated with these options. There are many choices for contraception; our health care provider will help you make the best choice. Your exam may also include a pelvic exam/pap screening, as well as testing for some sexually transmitted diseases.

So, a few things to think about before becoming pregnant; ensure good nutrition, get enough folic acid, be physically active, and avoid harmful substances such as tobacco smoke, alcohol, and drugs.

Please call Women’s Health at Roane County Family Health Care to schedule an appointment or for more information regarding the West Virginia Family Planning Program.

Submitted by Lisa Webb, LPN, Women’s Health nurse